Trans Continental Airlines Case

Trans Continental Airlines Case - Trans ContinentalAirlines...

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Trans Continental Airlines Passenger Dispute Your Job Your Boss The Siturtion You are the Director ofCustomer Service al the Trans Continental Airlines offrce at togan Airport You .eport to Sandra Phillips, the Regional Director ofCustomer Service responsible for New York, New England, and the Mid_Atlantic On July 28, 2007. Ruby Pruett, a passenger who had purchased a ticket for Flighr 283.from Boston_ ro.Baltimore approached rhe desk ar rhe boarding area 7 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Since airline resulations require lhat all passengers be presenr at the boarding area l5 m'inutes before the scheduled depanure time, the agent had already given the ticketed passenger's seat away to a stand-by passenger. Ruby Pruett has w tten to your boss complaining ofthe treatment she received at the boarding area. She woutd like Trans Continental Airlines ro award her a travel voucher for a fr€e
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Notes from Phone Interyiew with Rubv pruett Arg. 2,2007 I callcd Ruby Prue in response 10 the letter she has sent to TCA complaining ofher treatment on July 28. I let her kno\,,, that I had been assigned to investigate her complaint and that I would likc to talk ro her befbrc I file a repon. Shc asked if I would be sendine her the voucher for liee travcl thal shc has requcsted. I said that | \r,ould not be makine anr decisions about her case, thal I was only investigating and filing a rcport and that itheis r.rould be making the decisions. She said that sccmed likc a real u,aste of time _ she has already described what happened in her lettcr. She said I could say anything I wanr rn my report and that I might not pass on hcr remarks accuratclv. I assured her that I would make every effort to report her descriplion as bcst I could. She askcd when she should be cxpecting to receive hcr voucher because shc is planning a vacation in October and shc would
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Trans Continental Airlines Case - Trans ContinentalAirlines...

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