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LC1: 30-Jan Monday, 29 January, 2007 22:59 Administrative o Dr Adrienne Alaie, [email protected] Office Hours: Wednesdays from 1100h - 1300h, and by appointment. If you work during the day Alaie will work something out with you via email. Also, toilet, staiiell, outside … :) o Syllabus Available on Socrates. There are no make-up exams for the multiple choice exams! o We have a new speaker system, due primarily to the irritation Adrienne sent the administration's way. :) It rocks. o Alaie has a terrible cold and may get a hideous coughing attack. o The class in here has covered Chapter 2-13, excepting Chapter 11. The book is the Campbell text, the 7th edition. You can get it on , even used. You cannot use the 4th edition. o There is a lab manual. You have to bring it to the first lab. It is new this Spring, do not get last year's edition, the new one has color pictures which labels. Alaie is the author, along with Richard Jaeger. It's only on sale in the bookstore. The cover is a picture taken by a TA, so if you want one of your pictures on the cover, send it her way! No payment though. o Get a dissection kit. Be sure to include gloves. You can get a basic one on Amazon, the bookstore is hideously overpriced. o There is a calendar in the lab manual, so you know when to show up and when there is no lab. o You must come to lab. You can miss one w/o a problem, but … if you miss lab more than once you must make it up in that same week . o There is a key difference this semester in that we will be taking practical exams. Show up to your officially scheduled lab section. If you have to switch sections due to a conflict, you must have written permission of both TAs. o TA emails are located on Socrates ( ). o There will be 4 practicals, but only the top 3 will be counted. o The Socrates Center … … is a good place to study, and they keep 10 copies of the textbook there so you don't have to carry it around. … is where TAs hold office hours.
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This note was uploaded on 04/01/2009 for the course BIO 102 taught by Professor Alaie during the Spring '08 term at CUNY Hunter.

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plant_1 - LC1: 30-Jan Monday, 29 January, 2007 22:59...

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