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CS 110A Program 2 Completion Date: ___________ Rule \handouts\pgm2 Write a C++ program that will output information concerning yourself. Data: The program has no input. Processing: The program requires no processing. Output: The output must include the following information: Name: Major: Occupation: Hobbies: Reason for taking this class: Comments: Use the above labels. Your personal information should be printed to the right of each label and vertically aligned. Print one blank line between each part. Requirements:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Include header comments that give the following information: source file name your last name, your first name 110A - your section number Task of program 2. Follow the general form of your first program; that is, use the same preprocessor directives and same header for main() . 3. Use good programming style; that is, vertically align the matching braces, indent the block of statements, and use whitespace (blank lines in your program) judiciously....
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