program9 - greater than the class average In the footer...

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CS 110A Program 9 Completion Date: _________ Rule \handouts\pgm9 Using the modular approach, write a program that will produce a student grade report. Data: Input the student data from the keyboard into two one-dimensional arrays. For each student, the user will enter the student's 6-digit id number and test grade. Input one item per cin statement and prompt the user for each data entry. Set up your program so that the user can enter data for one to ten students. Terminate the data entry if the arrays are filled or if the user enters Q to Quit for the student's id number. Use the following test data: First run: Second run : 332450 93 332450 93 521444 100 521444 100 704263 61 704263 61 881233 79 881233 79 902361 89 902361 89 998876 43 878780 85 111222 96 654321 75 101020 92 Processing: For the footer lines, you must count the number of students and compute the class average. Output: Your student grade report must have appropriate title and column headers. The detail line for each student should show the student's id number, test grade, and message Above average if the student's grade is
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Unformatted text preview: greater than the class average. In the footer lines, show the count of students in the data and the class average. You design the exact format of the report. Your design should be readable and pleasing to the sight. General Requirements: 1. Include header comments that give the following information: source file name; your last name, your first name; 110A-your section number; and Task of program 2. Use good programming style; that is, vertically align the matching braces, indent blocks of statements, and use whitespace judiciously. 3. Use a declared constant to give the size of the arrays. CS 110A Program 9 Page 2 Rule Using a print chart to design output: 1. Center the title. 2. Leave blank lines for column headers. 3. Layout the detail lines. a. Decide the width of each field. b. Decide the spacing between the columns. Usually, 4 to 6 spaces look good. 4. Center column headers above each column. 5. Layout the footer lines....
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program9 - greater than the class average In the footer...

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