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CS 110A Program 7 Completion Date: ________ Rule \handouts\pgm7 Modify in-class sample program, crestu.cpp, to create a disk file to serve as the input file for Program 8. See requirement #2 for details. Requirements: 1. Include header comments that give the following information: source file name your last name, your first name 110A - your section number Task of program 2. Make minimal changes to the in-class program. Keep all the logic inline. In Batmale-301, you can output your file to the A:(diskette) or E:(flash) drive. If you are not doing your work in Batmale-301, you can output your file to a diskette or your hard drive. Using a diskette is probably safer. 3. The data pertains to employees. Use the following test data:
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Unformatted text preview: Previous Name A nnual Salary Region Jose Bartolo 100000 e Alice Kellenberger 50000 w Pat Sweeney 76000.34 w John Monteverde 80000 x Liz Chao 81000 e Robin Burns 150000 w Note that for the region data, e stands for eastern, w for western, and the x is bad data. 4. Use good programming style; that is, vertically align the matching braces, indent blocks of statements, and use whitespace judiciously. 5. Depending on your compiler, you might need to include floating-point formatting for cout and the ofstream variable in order to have the correct precision in the annual salary....
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