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CS 110A Program 4 Completion Date: ________ Rule \handouts\pgm4 Modify your program #3 to process one or more (multiple) employees for each Run; that is, use a loop. Requirements: 1. Include header comments that give the following information: source file name your last name, your first name 110A - your section number Task of program 2. Include step comments for the major logic sections of your program. 3. For each employee, the user must enter the employee's full name and previous annual salary. Use the following test data: Name Previous annual salary Jose Bartolo 100000 Alice Kellenberger 80000 Pat Sweeney 76000.34 4. Your employee report should have the following format: line 1: employee's name line 2: previous annual salary line 3: retroactive pay due the employee line 4: new annual salary line 5: new monthly salary Note that each output item is to be printed on a separate
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Unformatted text preview: line and preceded by an appropriate label. Print one blank line between the data entry and the employee report. 5. Include the code that will format all floating-point output to have a precision of 2. CS 110A Program 4 Page 2 Rule 6. Rather than having a pay increase of 7.6% for all employees, use 7.6% for employees having an annual salary of 80,000 or less and 6.5% for employees having an annual salary that is greater than 80,000. 7. Use a do ... while loop with the char control variable containing the user's response to the question, "Another employee to process?". 8. Use good programming style; that is, vertically align the matching braces, indent the block of statements, and use whitespace (blank lines in your program) judiciously....
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