Sea urchin and chick development

Sea urchin and chick development - HOLOBLASTIC cleavage. 8....

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Sea urchin and chick development 1. The embryonic stage where the cells form hollow ball is called BLASTULATION 2. When cells move from the surface of the hollow ball to the interior and form a pore on the surface, it is called GASTRULATION 3. The three primary germ layers formed by this cell movement are the ECTODERM, MESODERM, AND ENDODERM 4. Ca ++ induces membrane-bound vesicles, called CORTICAL GRANULES to fuse with the plasma membrane in the sea urchin shortly after fertilization. 5. In the sea urchin, one function of the fertilization membrane is to block POLYSPERMY 6. When a zygotic cell only partially cleaves and the yolk does not divide, it is called MEROBLASTIC cleavage. 7. When a zygotic cell completely cleaves, it is called
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Unformatted text preview: HOLOBLASTIC cleavage. 8. The primitive streak marks which axis of the developing chick? ANTERIOR-POSTERIOR 9. When nuclei in fungi are not separated by cross walls it is termed COENOCYTIC 10. In Phycomyces , what fuses prior to nuclear fusion during sexual reproduction? GAMETANGIA 11. Two haploid cells fuse to form a DIPLOID ZYGOTE 12. Movement of cells to generate a new form is called MORPHOGENETIC _____________. 13. Two types of cell movement are called INGRESION & INVAGINATION 14. We can't observe early embryonic cleavage in the chick because FERTILIZATION AND CLEAVAGE OCCUR INSIDE THE HEN 15. An individual fungal filament is called a HYPHA...
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Sea urchin and chick development - HOLOBLASTIC cleavage. 8....

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