Lab 2 - Kmieciak 1 Zachary Kmieciak Prof Molumby and Murray...

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Kmieciak 1 Zachary Kmieciak Prof. Molumby and Murray TA: Vineela – Friday, 10AM March 2, 2007 Human Mate Choice Information: In this lab we will be finding out what people truly want out of a partner or a relationship. First we will be filling out a survey based on what kind of attributes we look for in a partner. They will be numbered from 1-10, one being the most important and ten being least important. This will see what a person looks for in a relationship partner. After this we will fill out a survey based on age. It will have the person’s age and the desired age of the partner. This will show the average desired age for the class. Then we will be gathering personal ads from local newspapers. This will show the age of a person, age of the desired partner, whether the person states if he is wealthy, and whether the person is searching for someone wealthy. This will determine if money and age plays a role in what a person’s desirable mate would be. Then looking at more personal ads we will be finding to see if men and women are sometimes just looking for sex. I will look at 10 men seeking women personals and 10 women seeking men personals, and based on my judgment I will decided whether that person is looking for a relationship or rather just an intimate relationship with no strings attached. Based on the experiment we will hopefully gather information to see what truly makes a person more favorable over the next, and also what specific type of person desires another type of person.
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Kmieciak 2 Methods : We will be using newspapers’ personal ads and surveys to perform this lab. Most importantly we will be hopefully having an open mind. Some people may have found their desired mate, but hopefully they still are able to complete the surveys without bias. This information will be important to find what the desired mate is and what makes a
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Lab 2 - Kmieciak 1 Zachary Kmieciak Prof Molumby and Murray...

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