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Dear Dr. Fraumeni and Mr. Oliveira, As a first year Anthropology student, I have been asked to write a letter stating why I believe that the blood of the deceased Yanomami people should be returned. To be honest, it is hard to even right a reasonable letter trying to understand why the blood has not been sent back yet. In my opinion the reason the blood has not been sent back has become more of a political and bureaucratic reason than a humane reason. Although we do not believe what the Yanomami people believe, as human beings we should respect and help retain their beliefs. The blood should be returned so they can perform their rituals and help come to grips the loss of a loved one. The Yanomami believe that if all of their bodily fluids are not destroyed then they must roam the Earth, and possibly cause harm to their people. I have thought of many ways of how this could relate to me personally.
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Unformatted text preview: The best way I could see it is if someone dug up my deceased relative and had her watch me for the rest of my life. Even if we do not believe that this is true, just the thought of having a loved one not “Rest In Peace” could affect one’s life and most prominently in a bad way. I feel that I do not have to convince you of all of these things, because I believe that everyone DOES feel this way. I just want you to know that many people find this very important. The Yanomami have been through a lot, and most can be directly pointed at Western Civilization intruding on the lives of the Yanomami. They have been pushed around and have been treated well. A good start would be returning the blood quickly to them. Although they may have a sour taste about the event, they will know that people are out there that have pushed for them. Would you like to be known as someone who helped?...
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