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PSCH 270 Paper Proposal Professor Morriss Fall, 2008 STUDENT NAME: Zachary Kmieciak YOUR TA’s NAME: Desia Grace [email protected] or [email protected] Paper Proposal Instructions: As briefly as possible, answer the 4 questions on this page. Attach the first page of the 2 empirical studies you will use and review in your paper. These references MUST be peer reviewed journal articles found through PsycInfo. Additionally, these articles MUST be empirical studies (meaning an actual study was conducted; these articles will have methods and results sections; be careful because articles that are “meta-analyses” and “case studies” may have method and results sections, but are NOT appropriate articles for you to use for this paper). Please attach your proposal and the first pages to an e-mail to your TA. The subject line must read PAPER PROPOSAL . The proposal is due NO LATER THAN TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 TH , 2008. Please answer the following questions regarding your paper topic:
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