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Paper 2 1st draft - He found that a different social class...

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Kmieciak 1 Zachary Kmieciak Ms. Pilat English 161 – 14446 2/6/2007 What’s Cooking? Eating in many cultures hold a special significance. Some have religious beliefs tied to food and eating. Here in America food is used as a social experience. Many parties are surrounded by food, such as wine and cheese parties or even a Super Bowl party. Social ideas can also change food too. Restaurants prices change based on what the social atmosphere is at the restaurant. In the article “What’s cooking?” the authors show how food is a social experience while also showing that social ideas change food. The authors of the article claim that food has a sociological base to it. Research was done on the sociology of food by Pierre Bourdieu. In his research he “dissects French food preferences and other cultural habits by social class, educational level, and pretensions to social position (194).”
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Unformatted text preview: He found that a different social class has different food preferences. A high social class would eat fancier foods that are decorated while a lower class would not worry about what the food was dressed up like. There is a link based on calories and social class. The higher the person is up the social ladder then the higher the calorie intake. Not only does food have change based on sociology, but so do the people who serve the food. Sociologists have done research on restaurant workers based on their social behavior. They believe that their social behavior can be traced with the food that they serve. If the worker is around food they have a better social life. This is because Kmieciak 2 that in a restaurant there is a social atmosphere already, this can help a person adapt to different social experiences....
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Paper 2 1st draft - He found that a different social class...

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