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Kmieciak 1 Zachary Kmieciak Ms. Boyer English 160 – 11818 27 November 2006 To: Mrs. Boyer From: Zachary Kmieciak Date: 27 November 2006 Subject: Paper 4 Dear Mrs. Boyer, The paper that I have just written may not have been my favorite. I’m not sure if it is from the subject, but just the pressure I feel from having to do well on the paper. Every time I went to write anything I felt it was the wrong thing to write, written wrong, or just not important. However, with the pressure from the paper I still wrote it just as I write all my others. I first started with a few topics and just wrote them down completely. I put all my ideas down on paper so I wouldn’t forget them. After that I decided which topics I felt were best to discuss. After this I did some research to find the background information. It wasn’t difficult because my last paper had most of the background I needed. I wrote down all the background. I usually don’t get stuck writing papers, however on this one I seemed to be lost. I first wrote down each argument in a paragraph of its own.
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