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REFERENCES Akiba, M., LeTendre, G., Baker, D., & Goesling, B. (2002). Student Victimization: National and School System Effects on School Violence in 37 Nations. American Educational Research Journal, 39(4). 829-853. Daniels, J., Bradley, M., & Hays, M. (2007). The Impact of School Violence on School Personnel: Implications for Psychologists. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 38(6), 652-659. Horowitz, T. & Kraus, V. (1987). Violence at School – Situational Factors or Societal Input. School Psychology International, 8(1), 141-149. Kano, M., Ramirez, M., Ybarra, W., Frias, G., & Bourque, L. (2007). Are Schools Prepared for Emergencies?
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Unformatted text preview: Education and Urban Society, 39(3), 399-422. Killingbeck, Donna. (2001). The Role of Television News in the Construction of School Violence as a 'Moral Panic." Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture , 8(3),186-202. Klein, J. (2006). An Invisible Problem – Everyday Violence Against Girls in Schools. Theoretical Criminology, 10(2), 147-177. Lawrence, R. (2007). School Crime and Juvenile Justice. Criminal Justice Review, 32(4), 337-338. McClure, T. & May, C. (2008). Dealing With Misbehavior at Schools in Kentucky – Theoretical and Contextual Predictors of Use of Corporal Punishment. Youth & Society, 39(3), 406-429....
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