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Zach Kmieciak Psch 231 Ass 1

Zach Kmieciak Psch 231 Ass 1 - Violence in Schools...

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Violence in Schools Statement of Problem Violence in schools has not always been looked as serious as it is today. In fact, before 1955 violence in school was thought of general delinquent behavior. Cohen (1955) argued that in schools when students become alienated by other students they become delinquent, as they drop out of school their behavior decreases (Horowitz & Kraus, 1987). These actions often take form of something minor as a threat to an advanced plan of a mass murder. Often the large scale attacks are produced by a male who have been alienated by other students. These males are not loners but are looking to be accepted by anyone, however they sometimes are despondent and often appear depressed (Klein, 2006). People today are now looking at ways to stop the violence. Some schools have tried to use corporal punishment as a way to deter the violence from occurring inside the schools. However, it is seen that schools that have used corporal punishments have also seen higher school shooting fatality rates (McClure & May, 2008).
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