Syllabus Drug Use and abuse Spring '09

Syllabus Drug Use and abuse Spring '09 - Sam Houston State...

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Sam Houston State University Department of Health and Kinesiology Course: HED 280 – Drug Use and Abuse Instructor: David R. Ficklen, M.D. E-mail: Office: 217 Phone: 294-1183 Office Hours: Friday 1-5 pm. Text: Drugs, Society and Human Behavior, 12 th Ed., Ksir, Hart and Ray. Course Objective: To gain an appreciation for the extent of the impact of drugs and alcohol on affected individuals and society in general. By the end of the course you should 1) Gain an understanding of the physical effects of drugs and alcohol. 2) Learn the psychological effects of abuse and addiction. 3) Know the toxic effects of abused drugs and alcohol 4) Know the beneficial/therapeutic uses of various classifications of drugs 5) Understand historical basis of drug legislation 6) Understand the current approach to drug law enforcement. 7) Understand the challenges involved in prevention and treatment of drug and alcohol abuse. 8) Understand the challenges in determining the extent of drug use. 9) Know the taxonomy of drugs. 10) Know the properties associated with each drug class. Emphasis will be on gaining factual knowledge (terminology, classifications, methods, trends) and fundamental principles, generalizations and theories. You will learn to use resources to address specific issues. Course Format: We will be using the text book as a guide throughout the course. We will have assigned reading and discuss the material subsequently. You should be familiar with the material and prepared to answer questions over the material. We will have an occasional pop quiz to ensure that everyone is staying on top of the reading. You will also be asked to do a specific project related to a drug or alcohol topic of your choice. Presentation:
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Syllabus Drug Use and abuse Spring '09 - Sam Houston State...

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