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CHM 480 Forensic Chemistry Spring 2009 Curse Information Lecture: TuTh 08:00 - 09:20 a.m., CFS 102. Instructor Dr. Chi Chung Yu (Jorn Yu) Office: CFS 221 F Office hours: Drop in or by appointment. E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 936-294-4412 Web Page: Textbook Forensic Chemistry, Suzanne Bell, ISBN: 0131478354, PRENTICE HALL. Course Description This is a one semester course focused on surveying important aspects of chemistry to forensic inquiries. Focus will be on the validity of results. Techniques and methods for selecting proper techniques to answer various questions will be discussed. Writing Enhanced. Prerequisite: A minimum grade of C in CHM 239, 440 and 467; MTH 142, CS 143. Spring. Credit 3. Learning Objective: The objective of this course is to provide practical chemistry for answering forensics problems. First part of the course will introduce the chemistry for crime scene investigation. Second part of the course will address typical instrumental techniques for physical evidence analysis. Students are expected to gain contemporary chemical techniques for solving crime related problems. Testing in This Course There will be three midterm exams, and a final exam: The first Exam date is Thursday, Feb. 5. The second Exam date is Thursday, March 5. The third Exam date is Thursday, April 9. The Final Exam will be announced. Check university web site for schedule. The scheduled test dates are not negotiable, except for the final may be changed by the instructor.
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Grading in This Course Exam: Exam 1 20% Exam 2 20% Exam 3 20% Final Exam 30% TOTAL 100 % Grade scale: 90 – 100 A 80 – 89 B 70 – 79 C 60 – 69 D Below 60 F Attendance Policy Attendance is mandatory. In accordance with SHSU policy, attendance will be
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SyllabusCHM480Spring09Yu - CHM 480 Forensic Chemistry...

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