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C467_Syllabus_Sp09.doc pg. 1 1. DOCUMENT TITLE: COURSE SYLLABUS 2. COURSE NUMBER/DESIGNATION/SECTION: CHM 467.01 3. COURSE TITLE: Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 4. CREDIT HOURS: 3 5. SEMESTER, YEAR: Spring 2009 6. LOCATION OF CLASS MEETING: CFS 101 7. MEETING TIMES: 9:30-10:50 Tuesday, Thursday 8. OFFICE LOCATION: CFS 304 9. OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Friday 11:00-11:50 10. OFFICE PHONE and E-MAIL ADDRESS: 294-1525; CHM_PAL@SHSU.EDU , 11. COURSE DESCRIPTION Properties if atoms and ions,bonding theory and structure, acid-base theory, reactions of inorganic compounds, nonaqueous solvents, and coordination chemistry are studied. Emphasis is on the underlying theoretical concepts involved. Junior standing in Chemistry. Prerequisite: CHM 458. Spring even years. 12. COURSE OBJECTIVES Chemistry 467 is a culmination of chemistry courses taken over the first two or three years of an undergraduate curriculum thus the material covered in each course, to include, periodic properties of the elements, chemical reactivity of various classes of compounds, mechanisms of organic reactions, chemical thermodynamics, acid-base theories and bonding theories constitute required material in this course. The student will build on the success of an undergraduate program by mastering the principles and concepts associated with inorganic chemistry. The student will continue to develop his/her skills related to solving abstract problems in chemistry and applying chemical principles to enhance the understanding of the abstract world of atoms and molecules. 13. TEXTBOOK(S) AND ALL REQUIRED SUPPLIES
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This note was uploaded on 04/02/2009 for the course CHM 467 taught by Professor Loeffler during the Spring '09 term at Sam Houston State University.

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C467_Syllabus_Sp09 - 1. DOCUMENT TITLE: COURSE SYLLABUS 2....

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