Nomenclature-Reaction_Worksheet - CHM 138.F01 Nomenclature...

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Nom.&Form.Worksheet 8/28/06 CHM 138.F01 Last Name______________________ Nomenclature & Chemical Reactions Worksheet First Name______________________ I. Indicate the generic type of formula you expect, (ex. CA ; CA 2 3 ; C 2 3 A ; C 2 A 3 3 A 2 ): iron(II) sulfate _________ vanadium(II) phosphite _________ sodium azide_________ potassium hypochlorite _________ lithium sulfide _________ ammonium dichromate _________ nickel(II) nitrite _________ copper(II) hydrogencarbonate _________ calcium hydroxide _________ manganese(III) cyanide_________ tin(IV) chloride _________ lithium permanganate _________ aluminum iodide _________ chromium(III) phosphate_________ II. For each (a) indicate as a binary acid (B) or an oxyacid (O) and (b) provide the formula or name. (a) ___ perchloric acid (b)_________ a) ___ HI (aq) (b)_________ a) ___ HC 2 H 3 O 2(aq) (b)_________ a) ___ HNO 3(aq) (b)_________ a) ___ sulfuric acid (b)_________ a) ___ nitrous acid (b)_________ a) ___ phosphoric acid (b)_________
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Nomenclature-Reaction_Worksheet - CHM 138.F01 Nomenclature...

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