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The first arrticle review guidelines

The first arrticle review guidelines - what are they...

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Guidelines for Article Critique #1 (Hot Spots) 1. What is the research question? What was the hypothesis? Where did research take place? What was the goal? Give one paragraph explanation. 2. What is the type of research design? Experimental or quasi-experimental? 3. How did the researchers select their sample? 4. Were there control group and experimental group? 5. How did the researchers select their control and experimental groups? Did they ensure equivalence in both groups? If yes, how? 6. Were all the components of experimental design present in the research? If yes,
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Unformatted text preview: what are they, explain briefly? 7. What is the independent variable(s) and what is the dependent (outcome) variable(s)? 8. How did the researchers measure independent and dependent outcome variables? 9. What were the findings? Briefly mention. 10. Discuss the research design used in this article in terms of internal and external validity? Do you think the research was strong/weak in controlling factors which are affecting internal validity and external validity? What are your critiques? Why?...
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