The second arrticle review guidelines

The second arrticle review guidelines - (30 points) 3. What...

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Guidelines for Article Critique #2 (Heavy Metal Music Preferences and Delinquency) 1. What is the research question? What were the hypothesizes? Where did research take place? Give one paragraph brief explanation. 2. What was the “target population” for the research? How did the researchers select their sample from their target population? What type of sampling method do you think the researchers used, and why? Was it representative, express your opinions?
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Unformatted text preview: (30 points) 3. What type of data gathering method used? Explain it. What are the advantages and disadvantages of that method? Provide your critiques to this method based on the information given in the book and in class lecture. 4. What is the independent variable and what is the dependent variable? Was there any control variables, if yes, list them. How did the researchers measure those variables? 5. What were the findings? Briefly mention....
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