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Assignment 4, Spring 2008 This assignment is due Thursday, March 6, 2008, at the beginning of class. 1. In this problem, I am asking you to analyze your study habits. (a) Send me an email stating ”I have begun problem 1 of Assignment 4.” (b) Begin a ”Calculus Study Log” by taking a sheet of paper and dividing it into 4 columns. The column labels should be: Date Start time End time T otal T ime Then begin recording your study time in Calculus. For example, if you begin reading Section 3.9 on Sunday at 6 PM and do a few exercises, stopping at 6:40, you should have a line that reads March 2 , 2008 6 : 00 P M 6 : 40 P M 40 mins. (c) On Thursday morning, total your time, and then turn in this log, along with a brief sentence
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Unformatted text preview: or two summarizing anything youve learned in this process. 2. Use the concept of inverse functions to explain the following identities (a) cos-1 ( x ) + sin-1 ( x ) = / 2 . (b) cos-1 ( x ) = sec-1 (1 /x ) . Comments and suggestions for Assignment 4 1. Something Ive learned about my own study habits: I am most ecient when I work for short periods of time (say half-an-hour) and then do lots of these short work sessions. I almost never work more than 45 minutes on any single project. 2. Draw a triangle....
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