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Unformatted text preview: Earth image by Apollo 17 Dec.7, 1972 May 1990: Cargo ship Hansa Carrier hit by storm sent ~60,000 Nikes into sea 1990: Cargo ship traveling from China to US spills ~60,000 Nike tennis shoes into Pacific Ocean ~2% recovered on beaches opportunity to study ocean current pathways! other spills include doll heads, Beanie Babies, Pez candy, etc... etc... 2002: 33,000 Nikes being transported from LA to Washington-- spilled Jan 1992: Rubber ducky spill 29,000 plastic toys fell off ship in North Pacific during transport from China to US many got caught up in the Pacific Subarctic Gyre; frozen in Arctic ice; 15 years later- still showing up on beaches later world-wide ocean tour- Earth's ocean is a worldtour- Earth' world-wide Earth's single entity! ~2% recovered... recovered... Clerkin, 2007, Thousands of rubber ducks to land on British shores after 15 year journey: Daily Mail, UK "Dean Orbison poses with his collection of floating toys that were found while beachcombing. The toys fell off a ship in the North Pacific in 1992 and made their way to Orbison's home in Southeast Alaska." 1 "The Great Pacific Trash Heap" Heap" "The not all flotsam makes it to shore! ~90% of floating marine litter is plastic Greenpeace | Pacific trash vortex showing drift of ocean pollution. pollution. July 2006: Conflict in Lebanon; destruction of power plant; oil spill 30,000 tons of heavy fuel oil into Mediterranean Sea multi-temporal ENVISAT ASAR satellite multimulti-temporal imagery shows change in distribution of oil slicks on water surface importance of remote sensing technology in monitoring / understanding ocean processes and change Jan 2008: Midwest fertilizers expand Gulf "Dead Zone" "Dead Zone" rising demand for ethanol = more corn in midwest crops fertilized with Boiler up! Boiler up! millions of lbs nitrogennitrogenbased chemicals makes its way into Gulf of Mexico, contributing to "dead zone" "dead zone" N in commercial fertilizer N in commercial fertilizer kg/km/yr kg/km/yr 2 Nov. 18, 2007: Japanese fleet set out on largest whale hunt in ~40 yrs harpoon >1,000 whales including 50 endangered fin whales, and 50 threatened humpback whales in Southern Ocean estimated that humpback whaling through the 20th century had reduced the global population by over 90% **Dec.20, 2007: "Japan agrees not to kill "Japan humpback whales during it's current it' it's Antarctic hunt" hunt" Dec. 5, 2007: Biggest storm in decades hit Pacific NW some of the largest waves on record in N left at least 5 people dead storm surge, landslides, flooding, >100mph "The perfect storm" storm" "The winds typical good-size storm goodgood-size storm moving towards NW big surge of moisture from Japan-area typhoons SW JapanJapan-area typhoons SW 2 merged and exploded: storm was size of continental US Mavericks, CA Mavericks, CA CA (80 ft) Any GOOD NEWS? Earth's "final frontier" Earth' "final frontier" Earth's we are still just beginning to learn absorbs much of the CO2 that we emit to 2 atmosphere major buffer for our pollutants moderates global climate, water cycle provides abundant resources hydrocarbons, economic minerals, food, water, etc... etc... hosts amazing biotic communities represents ~99% of the "living space" on Earth "living space" on Earth provides beauty and recreation! 3 What is Oceanography? Multi-disciplinary science history of ocean formation, exploration / navigation, geology, chemistry, climate, currents, biology, ecology, human interactions, etc... Earth Systems Science Ocean studied as a system many interacting parts with emphasis on changes that occur within and between these parts Main course goal become scientifically literate and knowledgeable in the principles and issues affecting the ocean today EAS 104- OCEANOGRAPHY 104 Interdisciplinary science course 3 credits: M, W, F, 12:30-1:20 12:3012:30-1:20 Expectations Textbook Grading exams exams quizzes quizzes hw hw project project acid saline interdune playa, Western Australia 4 ...
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