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1 The Research Style Crib Sheet is a concise guide to using the style of the American Psychological Association in writing research papers. It is based on the current fifth edition of the APA Publication Manual . The latest version is at www.docstyles.com. The Crib Sheet is routinely updated; it is the product of many contributors. This version was revised in Fall 2006 by Dr. Abel Scribe PhD. Doc Scribe is not affiliated in any way with the APA--this style sheet is free! Freeware Copyright 2006 by Dr. Abel Scribe PhD. Crib Sheet Contents General Style Notes Abbreviations Biased Language Capitalization Compound Words Emphasis (Italics-Quotes) Quotations Terminology Page Formats Text Details (notes) Tables (notes) Research Documentation Text Citations Reference Lists Sample References Anonymous Works Articles in Journals Conference Papers Reference Works Web Pages READ ME APA style is the style of writing used by journals published by the American Psychological Association (APA). The style is documented in the APA Publication Manual (5th ed., 2001). The APA Manual began as an article published in Psychological Bulletin in 1929, the product of a 1928 conference of anthropologists and psychologists who gathered "to discuss the form of journal manuscripts and to write instructions for their preparation" (APA, 2001, p. xix). The APA first published the guidelines as a separate document called the Publication Manual in 1952. Today the manual is in its fifth edition, and APA style is widely recognized as a standard for scientific writing in psychology and education, used by over a thousand research journals. APA Manual at Amazon.com: (Paperback $26.95) (Spiral Bound $33.95). Some of the more common rules and reference sources in APA style are covered in the APA Crib Sheet . However, this document is no substitute for the 440 page APA Manual , which has evolved into a comprehensive style guide. The APA Manual should be purchased by any serious student preparing an article, theses, or dissertation in psychology or education. It answers question you may not think to ask. The APA Crib Sheet has no affiliation with the American Psychological Association. It began as a "community service" project by Professor Dewey, and has become the most widely consulted resource on APA style on the Internet. The APA Manual draws a distinction between final manuscripts such as class papers, theses, and dissertations, and copy manuscripts to be submitted for review and publication. The APA Crib Sheet follows the instructions given in chapter six for "Material Other Than Journal Articles" (APA, 2001, pp. 321-330). Final manuscripts differ from copy manuscripts in these ways: Spacing . "Double-spacing is required throughout most of the manuscript. When single-spacing would improve
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apacrib - APA RESEARCH STYLE CRIB SHEET Dr. Abel Scribe PhD...

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