08 - .in the news New study shows that sea level has been...

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1 Science, March 2008, Impact of Artificial Reservoir Water Impoundment on Global Sea Level, B. F. Chao,* Y. H. Wu, Y. S. Li, College of Earth Sciences, National Central University, Chung-Li, Taiwan, ROC. …in the news… • New study shows that sea level has been rising at a steady rate, and at a faster rate than previously believed, when you take into account the volume of water that is tied up in other reservoirs. . • The total volume of liquid water (versus ice) on Earth is increasing… Status of measurement techniques for coastal sediment transport Thomas E. White, Coastal Engineering, 1998. “The known methods for measuring coastal sediment transport in the field may be described and categorized as total traps, suspension traps, tracers, optics, acoustics, impact, conductivity, and radiation . There are different applicable situations and reasons for using each of the methods… Different methods are applicable to problems of different temporal and spatial scales, ranging from fractions of a second to years and from millimeters to kilometers. Some methods measure bedload, others suspension, and some total transport. Some devices measure only sediment concentration or velocity and must be used in combination with other methods to determine transport. Some measure only longshore transport, some cross-shore, and others will measure either. .. Despite the plethora of available methods, it is still not possible to make detailed or accurate field measurements of suspensions of mixed sizes, suspension very close to the seabed, or bedload. For these situations, older and cruder methods of traps and tracers are still used. There does not appear to be a systematic plan and program for correcting these measurement deficiencies. “Continuous measurement of sediment transport in the Erlenbach stream using piezoelectric bedload impact sensors” D. Rickenmann and B. W. McArdell, Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 2007 EXTRA CREDIT! • Due by April 11
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08 - .in the news New study shows that sea level has been...

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