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Chapter 3 Review Questions Answers

Chapter 3 Review Questions Answers - Chapter 3 Responses to...

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Chapter 3, Responses to Review Questions _____________________________________________________________________________ 1. A blackbody is a perfect radiator, that is, it absorbs all incident radiation at all wavelengths and emits all radiation at all wavelengths. No radiation is reflected or transmitted. Blackbody does not refer to the color of the radiating object. 2. Winters are colder than summers because maximum solar altitudes are lower (less intense solar radiation striking Earth's surface) and daylight is shorter in winter than in summer. 3. At 23.5 degrees N and S latitudes respectively, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn mark the poleward boundaries of the zone of the Earth where at certain times during the year the noon sun reaches an altitude of 90 degrees (directly overhead). At 66.6 degrees N and S latitudes respectively, the Arctic and Antarctic Circles mark the equatorward boundary of the polar region of the Earth where 24 hours of daylight occur at the summer solstice and 24 hours of darkness occur at the winter solstice.
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