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Chapter 2 Review Question Answers

Chapter 2 Review Question Answers - Chapter 2 Responses to...

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Chapter 2, Responses to Review Questions ______________________________________________________________________________ 1. The atmosphere encircles Earth as a relatively thin envelope of gases and tiny suspended particles (aerosols). The atmosphere shields organisms from exposure to hazardous levels of solar ultraviolet radiation, contains the gases necessary for the life-sustaining processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration, and supplies the water required by all forms of life. 2. Outgassing refers to the release of gases (e.g., water vapor, nitrogen) to the atmosphere that accompanies a volcanic eruption or meteor impact on Earth’s surface. Outgassing was one of the major processes involved in the evolution of Earth’s atmosphere. 3. Within the lowest 80 km (50 mi) of the atmosphere (the homosphere) the ratio of nitrogen to oxygen is about 4 to 1. The homosphere includes both the troposphere and the stratosphere. 4. Water vapor, carbon dioxide, and ozone are minor components of the atmosphere. Water
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