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EM - Assignment B

EM - Assignment B - As the worlds economies become more...

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As the world’s economies become more interconnected through the process of globalization, there is increasing pressure for a higher level of socially responsible corporate citizenship. However, social responsibility is a difficult goal to achieve, as actions that benefit the larger community are often in conflict with a corporation’s goal of maximizing return for its shareholders. Therefore, it is crucial to define which socially responsible actions will benefit both shareholders and society, and which will both destroy shareholders’ wealth and do little good for the community at large. The purpose of the virtue matrix is to facilitate the thought process and understanding of socially responsible corporate conduct by executives. By dividing socially responsible corporate behavioral into four quadrants, the virtue matrix is effective in fulfilling its purpose of helping corporate leaders think about and understand which activities are worthwhile and which are not. The civil foundation is made up of actions that corporations take either by choice or in
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