EM-SPLASH - Problem For more than twenty years Splash...

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Problem: For more than twenty years, Splash Corporation has been serving the Filipino people with skin and hair care products that are both high in quality and affordable. The founders, Rolando and Rosalinda Hortaleza, grew Splash Corporations from a small backyard enterprise into the country’s leading domestically owned producer of personal care products. Splash’s success is rooted in its keen understanding of the Filipino consumers’ ever changing wants and needs, which has enabled them to stay ahead of competitors by constantly developing innovative new products to meet the trends affecting the Filipino personal care industry. Splash has also successfully positioned its brands and lines of products as effective and high in quality, but low in price. However, as Splash continues to grow in the Filipino market, it faces increasingly aggressive competition from large Multinational Corporation (MNCs) with deeper pockets for advertising, international competitors offering lower prices, and small start up trying to capitalize on the market through imitation. The underlying problem faced by Splash Corporation is developing a marketing strategy that will allow it to both defend its current
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EM-SPLASH - Problem For more than twenty years Splash...

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