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Dudamel The Great

Dudamel The Great - creates a form of secondary...

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Duncan Kenney Music 15 January 16, 2009 TA-Laurence Young Section: Friday, 1pm Dudamel the Great Dudamel’s passion for his music is contagious. The energy and fervor he exerts not only in the concerts violently shaking his entire body to the music, but his careful choice of words in rehearsal allows the orchestra to achieve the exact sounds and feelings Dudamel is attempting to display through the music. Dudamel has created an atypical atmosphere of a classical concert. By showing his overly dramatic passion for music, he
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Unformatted text preview: creates a form of secondary entertainment that one can enjoy at a concert, aside from the music. However, this success may eventually be detrimental to the music if the audience is there simply to watch this prodigy conduct, and does not uphold stringent concert etiquette and no longer appreciates the music. Nonetheless, his ability to reach out and inspire youth into classical music, regardless of their class, income, or nationality, proves to be his greatest asset....
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