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Midterm Practice

Midterm Practice - Era The Baroque Two movements the first...

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Title: Kalenda Maya Composer: Vaquiear Genre: Toubador Era: Middle Ages Secular, strophic form Title: Ave Maria Composer: Josquin de Prez Genre: 4 voice Motet SATB Era: The Renaissance Innovative use of polyphonic texture Title: Pope Marcellus Mass Composer: Palestrina Genre: Mass Gloria from ordinary setting Era: The renaissance Title: Ecco Mormarmar Composer: Monteverdi Genre: Italian Madigral Era: The Renaissance Playful, word painting, using of varying polyphonic texture, 5 voices SATB Title: Fair Phyliss Composer: Farmer Genre: English Madigral Era: The Renaisance Playful, farmer, sexual innuendo, word painting Title: Dido’s & Aenas Composer: Parcell Genre: Opera Era: Baroque—Recicitive—Thy Hand, Aria--ending Title: Ein Feste Cantata No. 80 Composer: Bach Genre: Chorale Hymn (from martin Luther) Era: The Baroque Very powerful, full symphonic feeling to it, trumpets in the background Title: Messiah Composer: Handel Genre: Oratorio
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Unformatted text preview: Era: The Baroque Two movements, the first Hallelujah, the second Rejoice Greatly (strong violin and harpsichord sound Title: Suite de Symphones Composer: Rendeau Genre: Dance Suite Era: The Baroque Fanfare like opending Title: The Four seasons, Spring Composer: Vivaldi Genre: Concerto for violin soloist Era: The Baroque Title: Ein Klene Movement 1—Sanata Allegro Composer: Mozart Genre: Written for string quartetm or chamber orchestra Era: The classical Intimate strings, very fast almost march like pace, homophoninic texture Title: Ein Klien Movement 3—Minuet and Trio Composer: Mozart Genre: String quartet Era: The Classical Remember—Ternary Form, ABA (minuet, Trio, Minuet), triple meter, dance like feeling Title: The Surprise Symphony Composer: Haydn Genre: Symphony Era: The Classical Remember—Theme and variation—theme, 4 variations and a coda...
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Midterm Practice - Era The Baroque Two movements the first...

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