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Kenney, Duncan TA Laurence Young, F 1 Mus15 W09 Tokyo String Quartet Paper The Tokyo String Quartet’s performance made me appreciate how powerful, and dangerous, expectations can be when experiencing a live performance and the importance of setting them aside. Even though this was my first classical concert, I went with strong preconceived notions about the concertgoers, the composers, the musicians, and even the classical composition of the music. From the instant I arrived, however, I quickly realized that my expectations were not only misplaced, but were interfering with my ability to be present in the moment and experience fully the novel evening of music. In order to ensure that I was not rushed and had a positive pre-concert experience, I arrived at Campbell Hall early, 45 minutes early to be exact. As I waited for the music to begin, I watched hundreds of concert-goers stream in and was rather surprised by the eclectic group of people who had come to watch the Tokyo String Quartet. There were not only students from Music 15, but elderly couples, and families with children. I even saw a former economics professor. When the musicians finally walked across the stage and took their seats, the audience greeted their arrival, as well as this long awaited signal that the concert was about to begin, with warm applause. At first, the enormity of the stage seemed to dwarf the four musicians into little specks. However, when the lead violinist lifted his bow and wondrous sounds gushed out of his instrument, these specks instantaneously became monstrous in size. Even though I was watching the musicians from almost the rafters, I had an overwhelming sense of musical intimacy. They made me feel as if they were performing just for me, and this surprised me immensely. The first piece the Tokyo String Quartet performed was Haydn’s
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This note was uploaded on 04/02/2009 for the course MUS 15 taught by Professor Johnson during the Winter '07 term at UCSB.

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MUS15_TSQ_FINAL - Kenney, Duncan TA Laurence Young, F 1...

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