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Opera Report Better

Opera Report Better - Their playful exchanges on stage...

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Kenney, Duncan TA Laurence Young, F 1 Mus15 W09 Opera Report Opera’s general form, coupling classically trained voices with dramatic acting, creates a captivating performance that has an unmatched ability to capture human emotion. Gianni Schicchi successfully completes both of these basic fundamentals of opera by reviving the expressive nature and power of ancient Greece. Although Puccini’s opera is considered a comedy, the general plot revolves around the basic human emotion of greed. By incorporating a story line about such a basic human instinct, the opera allows all people, regardless of social standing or class, to relate to the story line and be engaged. Although I found the plot of Gianni Schicchi slightly dated, the performance surprisingly held my attention from beginning to end. I particularly enjoyed the subtle character interactions on stage between the family members.
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Unformatted text preview: Their playful exchanges on stage created vital character development that made the roles of all the characters come to life. However, the performance would have been exponentially better had it been live, simply because watching it on DVD turns the invisible 4 th wall between the performers and audience, into an impenetrable physical wall. . For example, while watching a performance on a television screen, you have limited view of the stage and can only physically watch whatever the screen is showing. In contrast, at a live performance you have the ability to observe character interaction that may be occurring in the back of the stage. There is also a feeling the coincides with dressing up, going out to dinner with good company, and enjoying not only the performance, but the entire evening that is completely lost when one simply watches the performance on a television....
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Opera Report Better - Their playful exchanges on stage...

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