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Opera Report - and non-English roots however it has an...

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Kenney, Duncan TA Laurence Young, F 1 Mus15 W09 Opera Report Gianni Schicchi successfully completes opera’s original objective opera: to recover the expressive nature and power of ancient Greece. Although Puccini’s opera is classified in the comedy genre, the general plot revolves around the basic human emotion of greed. While Gianni Schicchi employs a theatrical and dramatic approach in telling the story, the opera incorporates a common and often conflicting issue of a family members death and the ensuing gluttony. Through the use of their classically trained voices, opera singers have an innate ability to captivate entire audiences by powerfully expressing subtle and delicate human emotions. Although I found the plot of Gianni Schicchi slightly dated, my eyes and ears were captured to the performance the entire time. I believe that opera has received an off-putting reputation as a result of it’s ancient
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Unformatted text preview: and non-English roots, however, it has an unmatched ability to captivate one’s attention, particularly if it were to integrate issues more ubiquitous with modern life. Although there is typically a fourth wall between the performers and the audience at an opera performance, a television screen is infinitely thicker. For example, while watching a performance on a television screen, you have limited view of the stage and can only physically watch one actor. In contrast, at a live performance you have the ability to observe subtle character interaction that may be occurring in the back of the stage. There is also a feeling the coincides with dressing up, going out to dinner with good company, and enjoying not only the performance, but the entire evening that is completely lost when one simply watches the performance on a television....
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Opera Report - and non-English roots however it has an...

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