Paper 2 Part 1 Music 15

Paper 2 Part 1 Music 15 - music At 3:30 when the piece...

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Kenney, Duncan TA Lawrence Young F-1 Mus15 W09 Joseph Haydn’s Opus 76, no. 5 Response Overall, I really enjoyed having the ability to watch a quartet play a piece that will be played on Wednesday night so that I can not only recognize one of the piece’s they play, but also be able to identify some of the general musical techniques used by the composer. The sudden change from allegretto to allegro at 2:03 was at first very abrupt, however, it seemed as if the music was telling a story, potentially denoting program
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Unformatted text preview: music. At 3:30 when the piece picks back up to allegro tempo, I was rather surprised to hear the piece end expecting it rather to slow down and conclude much slower and subtly. However, the abrupt finish keeps the listener attentive and engaged, a necessary task in between movements. I am greatly looking forward to the Tokyo String Quartet’s performance after watching this clip, particularly in having the privilege to see a world-class quartet perform live....
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