2030 Stimulus Plan

2030 Stimulus Plan - of the GDP Also by focusing on the...

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Duncan Kenney January 31, 2009 ES2-Honors Mazria: The 2030 Stimulus Plan Mazria began his lecture by emphasizing the disproportionate amount of resources and money allocated to the transportation sector with regards to global warming and carbon emission. Emphasizing that the private building sector produces nearly as much carbon as do cars, Mazria has taken action by creating the 2030 Challenge. The 2030 Challenge hopes to eliminate dirty coal by underscoring clean energy, particularly within the private building sector. Mazria’s stimulus plan, which incorporates the 2030 challenge, is essentially a mortgage interest rate buy down based on one’s ability to meet energy reduction standards. Mazria stressed that the private building sector is the key to not only end global warming, but also to get out of this economic hardship. For example, the private building sector accounts for roughly 10%
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Unformatted text preview: of the GDP! Also, by focusing on the private sector instead of the public, we are not relying on ‘borrowed’ money from the FED, but rather promoting private spending. Because people will be motivated to lower their mortgage, remodeling ones home will be imperative, directly creating 9 million jobs. Although one’s mortgage will go up after the renovations, with the tax credit and the monthly mortgage reduction, one will actually be saving money on their monthly mortgage payment while greatly reducing carbon emissions. For example, there will be an estimated $236 billion dollar annual restoration market under the plan, all while saving between $44-69 billion dollars in energy savings. By coupling energy reduction requirements with mortgage buy-down, the government can “leverage the effectiveness of these reductions to keep families in their homes and revive the economy.”...
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2030 Stimulus Plan - of the GDP Also by focusing on the...

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