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ES2 Midterm II Chapter 4—Ecosystems

ES2 Midterm II Chapter 4—Ecosystems - of a...

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Chapter 4—Ecosystems 1) Case Study —Lyme Disease and the Acorn Connection a. Lyme disease is spread from mice who carry microorganisms responsible for Lyme disease in their bloodstreams. As tick larvae feed on the blood on the mouse, they too pick up these microorganisms. Later in their life cycle, they attach to larger animals including deer and even people spreading Lyme disease. However, when acorns are not prevalent because
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Unformatted text preview: of a dry season, the mice have little to eat and there are a fewer number of them, resulting in a fewer number cases of Lyme disease. b. The acorn connection illustrates many of the basic characteristics of ecosystems and ecological communities by demonstrating the interconnectedness of an entire ecological community. 2) How Populations Change Over Time and Interact with Each Other a....
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