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-Last Tuesday I had the privilege to see Ed Mazria speak at Campbell hall -Introduced his 2030 Stimulus plan—which incorporates solving the current economic crisis, creating 9 million jobs, reduce CO2 emissions by 504 Million Metric tons and reduce total enery consumption by 6.47 Quadrillion BritishThermalUnits’s -The basis for this plan was that he believes that oil will die off as the the major contributor to global warming and that coal is actually going to cause the most damage because he believes that gas hit high price and we will find alternatives (perhaps this part of his plan was written before gas fell below $50 a barrel) -although transportation has been a major contributor to global warming through carbon dioxide emissions, there has been a disproportionate amount of money and resources allocated to this sector when buildings create almost as much Carbon dioxide -The plan revolves around the private building sector, which represents 93% of building
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Unformatted text preview: stock and accounts for 10% of out GDP (i.e. residential homes)-By not focusing on the public sector, it is not tax dependent or on Chinese loans-The plan calls for new and existing buildings to meet energy consumption reduction targets below an established benchmark of 30% (4), 50%(3.5), 75%(2.5) and carbon neutral (2%)-If these targets were met, the homeowner could reduce the mortgage rate to the said values—very low risk because with the cost of improvements factored in, homeowner will be saving hundreds of dollars a month-Plan calls for government subsidy of around $200 billion, but would create $1 trillion dollars in non-federal spending stimulating one of the hardest hit industries-Will save consumers between $132-208 billion in energy costs and mortgages over 5 year period-If implemented, models show that we could potentially be at the 2030 Plan, reducing massive amounts of CO2 emissions and putting us close to sustainability...
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