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Global Warming

Global Warming - only stay up on environmental issues but...

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Duncan Kenney February 22, 2009 ES-Honors Section Global Warming: The impeding and inevitable effects on me Global warming has already drastically altered my life. Although I grew up in a very environmentally conscious household, I was only exposed to the concept of ‘making deliberate actions to better the environment’ through the annual recycling crusade that always occurred around earth day during middle school. In general, I found the notion of environmental friendliness a joke. During high school I learned about the potentials of global warming, but it was always talked about in the future tense, as if it would have no repercussions in my lifetime. However, in 2006 my Dad dragged my to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth and after the film I realized how interesting and captivating this horrific problem was. The film introduced me to the power that politicians have on the future of not only the environment but of life’s future existence. Thus, I promised to not
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Unformatted text preview: only stay up on environmental issues but also to engulf myself in all the opportunities presented to me; as they have the potential to make a break a political campaign. Fast-forward a few years and here I am today: an environmental-studies, economics major. Although there countless other reasons I have chosen to pursue a degree in environmental studies, if I had to identify one, it would be my fascination with the monstrosities of global warming. Even if global warming does not actually exist, it has provided me hours of conversations with other people, hundreds of pages of reading, and even a new major. Although my perspective may be slightly “Butterfly Effect-ish” the power of this subject is immeasurable and with the continued tangible effects of global warming, it will continue to nurture debates, movies, and arguments....
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