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Duncan Kenney January 6, 2009 English-189 Allaback Writing Assignment 1 Throughout the first two chapters of the novel, there is a reoccurring theme of unforeseen ability or aptitude. The first and most obvious piece of obscure usefulness is the bombed out villa where Hana and the English patient are residing. Although the villa has shelled areas, soiled rooms, and poses imminent threat to their well-being, it also serves as a refuge of sorts. The simple fact that the Villa is in shackles deters unwanted attention and visitors. The villa becomes a sanctuary away from the world, the war, and even reality. Inside, Hana follows no ones orders, caring only for her one patient. The house literally provides entertainment for Hana. For example, she explores the massive villa nightly finding a resting spot wherever she pleases, gardens in the wildly untamed backyard and even plays hopscotch on the old floors of the house.
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Unformatted text preview: Although the villa provides a sense of safety to Hana, the safety is experienced as a means of escape and relieves her of the hardships and realities of the outside worldp. Another example of the notion of unanticipated aptitude is the English patient’s amazing memory and his uncanny bank of knowledge. It is hard to imagine that a man who is unable to identify himself cannot only recognize an array of guns and ammunition with only his touch, but could correctly match the two. However, in both instances of the man and the house, their ability was not always hard to find. For example, the villa once protected its inhabitants with strong walls, and the English soldier used his brilliant mind in every day tasks. However, the war camouflaged both the house and the man’s usefulness, but did not strip them of their skills and usefulness in their entirety....
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