keller2004 - January 2004 Professor E. A. Keller RE: Goleta...

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1 January 2004 Professor E. A. Keller RE: Goleta Beach Rock Revetment /Seawall INTRODUCTION With respect to the Goleta beach issue, the following points I believe are relevant: A rock revetment is a type of seawall. Some of the personnel with Goleta Beach Park have tried to argue that rock revetments are not seawalls. In fact they are a seawall, although a bit of a softer variety than say one made of solid concrete. Recently I had a chance to read a 2003 paper concerning in part rock revetments along beaches in India (Jayappa, K.S.; Vijaya Kumir, G.T. and Subrahmanya, K.R. 2003. Influence of Coastal Structures on the Beaches of Southern Karnataka, India . Journal of Coastal Research. Volume 19 #2, pages 389-408.) In that study along the coastline of Karnataka one of the common alternatives in response to coastal erosion is the construction of seawalls. The seawalls are constructed of armor stone (riprap) that each way between 520 and 1360 kilograms. The study that evaluated changes over a number of years was that some of the seawalls have accelerated erosion at the foot of the wall because of wave refraction and have generally performed poorly. In several cases the authors report they have actually increased problems that they were designed to solve because of accelerated shoreline changes. They further conclude that if a seawall is to be effective in coastal erosion problems, the managers have to maintain a beach in front of the wall, usually with artificial nourishment of sand. These authors go on to point out that construction of “ greenwalls ” in contrast to seawalls is an alternative that has aesthetic values while providing a measure of erosion control. The “greenwall” consists of naturally growing coastal plants along the shoreline that increase the stability of the backshore area beyond the beach while providing a buffer zone for coastal erosion from wave action. Another paper published in 2003 has major significance to
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keller2004 - January 2004 Professor E. A. Keller RE: Goleta...

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