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1 Goleta Beach County Park: Search for a Sustainable Future E.A. Keller UCSB 1-14-04 SCIENCE AND VALUES Environmental problems such as restoration and management of Goleta Beach County Park involve both science and values. The science can offer solutions to help the long-term management of the park and beach, but which option we pick will reflect our values. Of utmost importance with developing a plan for Goleta Beach County Park is a “values clarification” . It is difficult to maximize for two things and as such we need to be clear whether we are trying to have the primary management goal save the park or if the primary management goal is to save the beach. If we deem it more valuable to preserve the park then a management plan with a “hard” solution such as construction of a sea wall, breakwater, or groins may be desirable. On the other hand, if the main value is in the beach, then a more flexible or “soft” solution should be considered. Such a flexible program would involve components of beach nourishment and living from year to year with a certain amount of erosion. In years when there is abundant supply of sand from the west, Goleta Beach will be wider and better naturally nourished with sand. In years where large storm waves attack the beach, erosion will occur and periodic maintenance will be necessary to maintain the beach. THERE IS NO PERMANENT SOLUTION TO EROSION AT GOLETA BEACH COUNTY PARK Coastal erosion will occur regardless of whether we build breakwaters, sea walls, or nourish the beach. Large waves may eventually strike the coast, destroying sea walls and breaking up groins or breakwater structures. Four fundamental principals emphasize by Neal and others, 1984, Living with the South Carolina Shore, Duke University Press, are important to the discussion of Goleta Beach County Park: 1) Coastal erosion is first and foremost a natural process rather than a
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keller2004_b - Goleta Beach County Park Search for a...

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