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Lecture 12: Beethoven’s symphonies wrap-up, Introduction to the Romantic era, the Romanic piano More Beethoven and politics The Romantic era o What it was o It’s social, political, economic context o Topics found in Romantic arts, literature and music Romantic music: trends and characteristics Tempo rubato Accelerando and ritardando The piano o its invention o distinction from the harpsichord o popularity: when, where, in what contexts Piano works in the Romantic era
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Unformatted text preview: • Sonata, its characteristics, number of movements, typical forms • Beethoven’s Moonlight sonata o Number of movements o Form, relative tempos of first and last movements o How it breaks with conventions o Arpeggio o How it got its name • Piano miniature • Polonaise • Virtuoso • Franz Liszt, his background, his preferred performing context, his contributions to music • Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody no. 2...
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