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Lecture_13_Romantic_Piano_and_Lieder - o Significance of...

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Lecture 13: Romantic piano (Chopin), Romantic lieder Musical venues in the Romantic era Salon Frédéric Chopin, his background, preferred performing venue, contribution to music Chopin’s Military Polonaise Lied Lieder Art song Strophic form Through-composed form Franz Schubert o What he’s best known for Schubert’s Erlking and its characteristics o Romantic topics enfolded within it o Author of text o Source of the story o Number of characters and their identity o Plot o Form o Key changes (which character is written in a major key)
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Unformatted text preview: o Significance of piano accompaniment o Continuously higher pitch for boy • Song cycle • Robert Schuman o Who his wife was and what she did o What he suffered from in later life • Schumann’s Dichterliebe (A Poet’s Love) , what it was, the significance of the year he wrote it • Schumann’s “Im wunderschönen Monat Mai” (“In the Lovely Month of May”) o Form o How it doesn’t end on the tonic at the end and why...
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