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List of Works on the Midterm Below is the list of works for which you will be responsible on the midterm. The questions about these pieces could be written only, or they could involve an audio or video component. For audio/video questions, you should be prepared to recognize all pieces played from the beginning and some pieces (only as indicated below under “Sections”) played from a major section of the piece. Note that you can be asked any question pertaining to the piece, its characteristics, its genre, etc., that we covered in class. PIECE SECTIONS CD TRACKS 1 Alleluia O Virga Mediatrix  1, 2, and 3 2 Gaude Maria virgo  3 Kalenda maya All verses 6 to 10 4 Ave Maria  5 Pope Marcellus Mass: "Gloria" 6 Ecco mormorar l'onde
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Unformatted text preview: 7 Fair Phyllis Dido and Aeneas: "Dido's Lament" 8 Recitative: "Thy hand, Belinda" 9 Aria: "When I am laid to rest" Cantata No. 80: Ein fest Burg… 10 Mvt. 1: Ein feste Burg 11 Mvt. 8: Das Wort sie sollen" Messiah 12 "Rejoice Greatly" Sections A, B, & A' 52, 53, 54 13 " Hallelujah" 14 Rondeau from Suite de symphonies 15 Spring (mvt. 1) Eine Kleine Nachtmusik 16 mvmt. 1: Allegro Expo, devo, recap 70, 73, 74 17 mvmt. 3: Allegretto 18 Symphony no. 94 "Surprise," mvt. 2 All variations 79 to 84 Marriage of Figaro Act I, Sn 6 & 7 19 "Non so più" 20 "Ah, son perduto" 21 "Cosa Sento"...
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