Rotter and Mischel and Kelly

Rotter and Mischel and Kelly - When it comes to causality...

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When it comes to causality and teleology I tend to lean more toward the middle of the two in determining motivation. Past experiences guide us toward future actions so that we can accomplish potential goals. I heard this saying once and the only reason that it stuck with me is because it reminded me of my mother; it said “don’t spend the last half of your life dwelling on the first half”. She grew up in an abusive household and because of the pain it caused her she promised herself that she would never do the same to us. With that being said I tend to disagree with cognitive social learning theories belief that teleology is a stronger motivator than causality. There are some really good concepts in cognitive social learning theory, such as interactionism and the five basic hypotheses in which cognitive social learning theory rests. I also like how Rotter and Mischel combine two different theories instead of adopting their own unique theory they built on some very good theories that were already available. I really like Kelly’s Psychology of Personal Constructs theory, it seems so chaotic. That’s how I think
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