Midterm 1 - Sample Exam Questions (Plant & Fungal...

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Sample Exam Questions (Plants) - 1 Sample Exam Questions 1. Differentiation of cells in tissue culture depends on the relative concentrations of: a. gibberellins and auxins b. auxins and cytokinins c. auxins and ethylene d. ethylene and abscisic acid e. gibberellin and abscisic acid 2. Which of the following is/are composed of meristematic tissue? i. = the shoot apex ii. = the vascular cambium iii.= the cork cambium iv. = a root hair v. = endodermis a. ii. and iii b. i, ii, iii c. ii, iii, v d. i, ii e. all of the above 3. The cells in a growing root that are most actively involved in mitosis are located: a. in the root cap b. in the zone of differentiation c. between the zones of differentiation and elongation d. between the root cap and the zone of elongation e. in the region where the root hairs develop 4. All of the following are examples of primary growth except: a. elongation of the root b. outgrowth of lateral buds c. increase in diameter of monocot stems
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Midterm 1 - Sample Exam Questions (Plant & Fungal...

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