SampleQuestionsConcepts - Generalized Concepts Fungi -why...

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Generalized Concepts Fungi -why are they discussed with plants? -what makes the Fungi a unique group; characteristics, features, lifestyle, lifecycle? Algae/mosses -The first plants; what makes something a plant; why? -What makes them plants? -Alternation of generations -what is Alternation of Generations -what is the sporophyte. ..describe its position/role in the lifecycle -what is the gametophyte. ..position/role in the lifecycle -what are lichens? Vascular plants -what makes them vascular? From whence did they originate? What changes do they show over their evolutionary ancestors? Why were these changes favored? Ferns/Gymnosperms -What "advances" are shown by these groups? What was the evolutionary "force" leading to the success of these groups? Describe and understand the expression of Alternation of Generations in these groups. Angiosperms What are they and how do they differ from earlier evolved plants? Where did they evolve from and what was the driving evolutionary force? What "advances" did they make? What is the status of Alternation of Generations in this group; specifically understand what has happened to the sporophyte and gametophyte? Cells and tissues know general categories of cells making up the plant body; functions and distributions. Roots -what makes something a root? what features distinguish an organ as a root? which plants have roots? How does a root function. .. specifically understand the functioning of the endodermis and Casparian strip. What is a lateral root and where does it come from?
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SampleQuestionsConcepts - Generalized Concepts Fungi -why...

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