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Homework #10 (continued) Chapter 13 Homework Problems E13-1 Matching Items Reported to Cash Flow Statement Categories (Indirect Method) LO1, 2A Reebok International Ltd. is a global company that designs and markets sports and fitness products, including footwear, apparel, and accessories. Some of the items included in its recent annual consolidated statement of cash flows presented using the indirect method are listed here. Indicate whether each item is disclosed in the Operating Activities (O), Investing Activities (I), or Financing Activities (F) section of the statement or (NA) if the item does not appear on the statement. 1. Depreciation and amortization 2. Cash collections from customers 3. Dividends Paid 4. [Change in] Inventory 5. Payments to acquire property and equipment 6. Repayments of long-term debt 7. Net income 8. Proceeds from issuance of common stock to employees 9. Net repayments of notes payable to banks 10. [Change in] Accounts payable and accrued expenses E13-6 Reporting Cash Flows from Operating Activities - (Indirect Method) LO2A The following information pertains to Night Company: Income Statement Sales $ 78,000 Expenses Cost of goods sold $ 48,750 Depreciation expense 8,500 Salaries expense 11,500 68,750 Net income 9,250 Partial Balance Sheet 2006 2005 Accounts receivable $15,500 $8,000 Merchandise inventory 7,000 15,500 Salaries payable 1,700 950
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Required: Present the Operating Activities section of the statement of cash flows for Night Company using the indirect method. Cash flows from operating activities - indirect method Net cash provided by operating activities E13-5 Comparing the Direct and Indirect Methods LO2A, 2B To compare statement of cash flows reporting under the direct and indirect methods,
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chapter_13_Hw - Homework #10 (continued) Chapter 13...

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