Final Exam Notes W_09

Final Exam Notes W_09 - • Three-phase Δ-source Δ-load...

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Electrical Engineering Department California Polytechnic State University Winter 2009 EE 212 Final Exam Friday March 20, 2009 7:40am to 9:30am 4 Problems One sheet of notes (both sides) Comprehensive Exam ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Topics AC Steady-state Power Instantaneous power Resistive element Inductive element Capacitive element Sinusoidal excitation Average power Maximum power transfer Effective (root mean square) values Complex power Power factor correction Power measurements Polyphase Circuits Single-phase three-wire system Three-phase Y-connected source Three-phase Y-source Y-load system Three-phase Δ-connected source
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Unformatted text preview: • Three-phase Δ-source Δ-load system • Three-phase power • Δ to Y and Y to Δ Transformation • Three-phase power measurements • Magnetically Coupled Circuits • Self inductance • Mutual inductance • Dot convention • Energy stored in a magnetic circuit • Reflected impedance • Ideal transformer • Frequency Response • Series resonance • Parallel resonance • Bode plots • Passive filters • Active filters • Two-port network • Admittance parameters • Impedance parameters • Hybrid-H parameters • Hybrid-G parameters • Transmission parameters...
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Final Exam Notes W_09 - • Three-phase Δ-source Δ-load...

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