111 - 1 Biology 110/111 Report Guidelines Four of the six...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Biology 110/111 Report Guidelines Four of the six reports that you will write this year in Biology 110/111 should follow the general format for a scientific paper, given below. The other two will follow the format of a library research paper, and the rules for them follow the section on lab reports. While the characteristics of each section report are presented in a list format, it is not enough to have a series of disjointed sentences that say something about the first item, then something about the second item, etc. The paper should be coherent, well- written, and logical. Also, while some examples are given below, don't slavishly follow the examples, only inserting a few new words to describe your particular experiment. Follow the format and intent of each section, but make sure the wording is your thoroughly your own. All papers this year will be submitted as electronic files through Blackboard, and will be checked for plagiarism by Turnitin.com. Directions for submission appear at the end of this Writing Guide. To avoid plagiarism charges, remember that direct quotes are rare in scientific writing. Also, even if you cite an author, you may not use that author's exact words . Paraphrase everything you put in your report. Lab Report Format You should use approximately 1 inch margins on top, bottom, and sides, and should use single spacing. TITLE (1 point) • Clear, concise statement of the question you investigated. You will lose points for vague titles or overly broad titles (e.g., "Reaction Time," “Effect of Exercise”). example: The Effect of Hand Dominance on Reaction Time by Zelda Zucchini All of the remaining sections should have section headers, centered on the page. ABSTRACT (5 points) • Write the abstract last, but place it first in the completed paper. • In no more than a paragraph (1/3 to 1/2 of a page), state the problem you investigated, give some indication of your methods, tell what your findings were (possibly including treatment means), tell what the implications of your findings are. • Write in first-person, narrative form, and past tense. • Don't recite null, research, etc. hypotheses in the abstract. • Don't cite literature in the abstract. example: The literature on reaction time maintains that greater dexterity is associated with faster reaction time. We compared the reaction times of the dominant hands and non-dominant hands of 18 college freshmen. Reaction time was measured by a computer program that required subjects to press the spacebar after they saw a visual stimulus. The dominant hand (mean response time 0.223 sec) was significantly faster than the non-dominant hand (mean response time 0.299 sec) in both dextrals and sinistrals, supporting a relationship between greater motor skill and fast reaction time....
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111 - 1 Biology 110/111 Report Guidelines Four of the six...

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